Los Angeles Shabach Foursquare Church

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4300 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90043

Sunday School | Every Sunday at 9am

Sunday Service | Every Sunday at 10am
Childrens Church | Every Sunday at 10:30am

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Pastoral Care Ministries 

Home and Hospital Visitation: Ministers visit our members who are hospitalized or ill at home. Prayer, words of encouragement and communion are given. Other requested services are provided. In some situations a green plant is delivered.

Embrace Ministry: Visits members of our church who have lost immediate family members. We visit the families of deceased persons who were members of our church; provide for the needs ot the bereaved families through prayer, grief counseling, assistance with funeral arrangements and the preparation of food for the bereaved family, in accordance with their wishes. 

Encourage Ministry:  This ministry is a support group for persons who are trying to cope with the loss of a loved one.  The ministry is open to members and non-members of our church.

Harvester's Ministry: Ministers to persons responding to the altar call in the areas of salvation, receiving the Holy Spirit, assurance of salvation, water baptism and church membership. 

Visitors Follow-Up Ministry: Responsible for calling all visitors to our church to welcome or thank them for attending our church services. Their spiritual needs are ministered to, if desired.

Telephone Contact Ministry: Responsible for calling members of our church who were absent from Sunday Worship Service and ministering to them as needed.

Fellowships Ministry:  Responsible for organizing, coordinating and administering all of the social activities of the church including church-wide fellowships and new members' fellowships.

Intercessory Prayer Ministries:  Responsible for meeting at least three times a week to pray generally for the needs of our church and community and specifically for those persons for whom prayer was requested. ​

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries

Prison Ministry: Provides monthly worship services, weekly Sunday School, Bible Study and individual counseling for boys and girls who are detained in Central Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles.

Convalescent Home Ministry: Conducts weekly worship services and provides invidual prayer and encouragement to staff members and residents of convalescent homes in the Los Angeles area. 

Hospital Chaplain Ministry: Provides spiritual care to patients and their families and to staff members at Centinela Hospital. This includes prayer, encouragement, comfort, communion and any other desired spiritual needs. 

Missions:  Participates in and informs our congregation about the opportunities to spread the gospel throughout the world.

Our Evangelism Department has a two-fold responsibility.

Sharing what we, as Christians, know about Jesus for the purpose of leading people into a personal relationship with God; and, providing encouragement, prayer and pastoral support to members of our church and their families, visitors and to anyone else desiring our assistance.